Bean Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

Common Names: Beans, Kidney Bean

Properties: Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Detoxifier, Anti-ageing, Anti-inflammatory, Antiulcer, Anti-tumor, Superfood

What is Bean?

Bean, also known as the common bean or green bean, is the Phaseolus vulgaris plant. Beans are classified as a legume and are an edible seed or pod that are a dietary staple worldwide. Beans can be eaten raw, dried or cooked for their nutritional and health benefits.1

Bean Health Uses and Health Benefits

Beans are highly nutritious, making them a healthy dietary choice. Beans are rich in protein and fiber, as well as vitamins A, B and C, manganese and iron. Green beans also contain antioxidant substances, which are critical for preventing chronic health conditions. The antioxidants found in beans can help to prevent obesity, diabetes and even cancer.2,3




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Bean for:

Anemia Effective
Cancer Effective
Diabetes Effective
Migraine Effective
Metabolic Syndrome Effective
Homocystinuria Effective
Weight Loss Effective
Birth Defect Effective