Green Coffee Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Green Coffee

Scientific Name: Coffea

Properties: Diuretic, Antioxidant, Detoxifier, Antiglycemic (Antidiabetic), Blood circulation, Cholesterol-lowering

What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is the “green” version of the coffee bean—the fruits of the Coffea plant that haven’t yet been roasted. When coffee beans go through the roasting process, their chemical composition changes, leaving roasted beans with lower concentrations of certain healthy substances.1

Green Coffee Health Uses and Health Benefits

The primary green coffee health benefit is said to be from the unroasted bean’s high concentration of chlorogenic acid. It’s believed that chlorogenic acid has benefits for helping improve blood vessels to help lower the blood pressure levels. For this reason, green coffee bean is taken for cardiovascular health. Green coffee bean’s content of chlorogenic acid may also help influence metabolism and the rate at which the body uses blood sugar, making it a potential natural remedy for weight loss.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Green Coffee for:

Weight Loss Effective
Stress Effective
Type 2 Diabetes Effective