Indian Lilac Powder Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Indian Lilac Powder

Scientific Name: Azadirachta indica

Common Names: Lilac, neem, nimtree, margosa tree

Properties: Anti-fungal, Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Antimalarial, Antiulcer

What is Indian Lilac Powder?

Indian lilac leaves powder is the powder form of Indian lilac leaves, also called neem leaves, from the Azadirachta indica tree. It’s made by grinding dried Indian lilac leaves into a fine powder. It can be taken by mixing the powder with water and drinking it or using it as a topical product.1,2

Indian Lilac Leaves Powder Health Uses and Health Benefits

Indian lilac leaves are highly beneficial and taking it in powder form makes it a versatile remedy. Indian lilac leaves powder is an immune-boosting substance that can help combat various bacterial and viral infections. It also has natural antifungal properties, making it a natural remedy for dandruff. Indian lilac powder also has benefits for blood sugar regulation, making it a remedy for diabetes management.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Indian Lilac Powder for:

Vaginosis Effective
Dandruff Effective
Diabetes Effective
Kidney Stone Effective
Measles (Rubeola) Effective
Mumps Effective
Cheilitis Effective
Folliculitis Effective